Writing Awakening

Writing Awakening by R.S. Mollison-Read

For many writers, it seems they’ve always been interested in writing, generally since their earliest years. Many writers are also voracious readers too; and this is often the spark for our interest in writing. The desire to create something as good as the writing we consume by others is powerful.

When I speak about a writing awakening though, what I’m really referring to is when we, as writers, first decided to commit fully to writing. To set goals, to see writing projects through to the end, and to name ourselves as writers, or authors.

For me, this was in university – sitting in class one day (obviously listening to the professor with rapt attention), I thought long and hard about just how many novels I’d started (something like fifteen), and how many I’d actually finished (exactly zero). For some reason, on that particular day, that just did not sit well with me. I decided right then and there that I would choose one of my numerous writing projects, and actually see if through until the end.

By committing myself to seeing my writing projects all the way through, including the hard and sometimes obnoxious parts like rewrites and editing, I was awakened to the process of writing, in all its many (and trying) stages. Only when I had fully experienced every stage of this writing process, did I feel comfortable calling myself a writer and author.

I’d love to know, what was your ‘writing awakening’ like? Tell me the story in the comments below!

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