Why Wattpad?

Why Wattpad? R.S. Mollison-Read


In recent months I’ve been hearing quite a lot about a social media platform specifically aimed at readers and writers called Wattpad. (To be clear, Wattpad itself is not all that new, it’s just new to me.)

The idea behind Wattpad is to make writing stories, and sharing them with your readers, a more social process. By posting chapters of your novel on Wattpad, you invite readers to comment on whatever aspects of your novel they want. This can sometimes draw negative attention, but for the most part, I’ve found Wattpad to be a pretty positive place. After all, people love stories, and Wattpad allows both established authors, and those just getting into writing, to post their stories as well as comment and ‘like’ other stories.

I’ve only just started to dabble in this social media platform, so I don’t have all that many followers, or comments on my novel (which I’m posting chapter by chapter). It turns out, even on the internet I’m still extremely introverted!
What I have really enjoyed is finding new authors, and series on Wattpad. The search algorithm on the site is fantastic, and the ‘suggested readings’ section always offers up something that interests me. I also really like being able to read works chapter by chapter. It sets a beginning and end goal, without making me feel overwhelmed (even if there are 47 chapters in the novel).

I will continue to explore Wattpad, but for now, I’d love to hear if you use it, and what your experience has been with Wattpad! Let me know in the comments below!


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2 thoughts on “Why Wattpad?

  1. I also just joined Wattpad after so many writer friends recommended it to me as a positive and social writing & reading space. I must admit that I am still feeling out how everything works, but there is an old, old story that I might revive to post on Wattpad to get a feel for the writer side of things soon enough. I’m interested to know more about your experiences with Wp over time because it is still so new to me, too.

    Will you share your Wp profile?

    • Hi Bailey! Great to hear that I’m not the only Wattpad newbie! I also have a few stories tucked away that would be good to test drive on Wattpad. I definitely feel a little uncomfortable sharing things that aren’t ‘perfected’, but I guess that’s the beauty of a platform like Wattpad – readers and other authors can tell you what’s working and what isn’t!
      Here’s a direct link to my Wattpad profile: http://www.wattpad.com/user/rsmollisonread

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