The Power of Positivity in Writing

The Power of Positivity In Writing

Writing is hard work, and there are several aspects of writing that can be difficult on a personal level. I’ve found that these difficulties can also be viewed positively, and that seeing the sunnier side of it, really helps me to do my best work:

#1. Self-Doubt:
So many writers struggle with self-doubt, myself included. These days too, there is such a drive to put our work out in the public arena, which can contribute to even greater self-doubt. A positive aspect of this is that this public arena also allows us to connect with like minded individuals – both readers and writers. I’ve found it very helpful to read blog posts, or tweets, or comments from others who are experiencing that same self-doubt, and I’ve found it very rewarding when I encourage others in their writing endeavours.

#2. Rejection:
Poor reviews happen. Our work will never be appreciated by every single person. It can sometimes be very difficult to receive a negative review on your work, but it can also be helpful. I’ve found that often, (although sadly not always), the people who take the time to leave a review, leave very thoughtful reviews. This can be such a boon to both your writing, and your marketing, if you take that constructive criticism and use it. I received a 3/5 star review because a reader thought my novel was in the wrong category. Although it was unfortunate that they decided to review my writing so low because of a categorization error, this review made me re-evaluate the reader experience in discovering my book. I found it wanting, and so I’ve adjusted, to better results. This feedback, though initially quite heartbreaking, was actually very helpful over the long term, and has allowed me to find new readers, who are more inside of my target audience.

#3. The Discovery Abyss:
What can feel even worse than someone not liking our work, is no one even finding our work. Discovery is difficult these days, since there is such a glut of content available online. While it can be disheartening when it seems like no one is reading your blog posts, or worse, the novel into which you’ve poured your heart and soul, I have found it very useful to remind myself why I write. I do it for myself, to give the worlds a build in my head, a home on the page/screen.While it’s nice to be able to share my work with others, and have them love and appreciate my words the way I do, ultimately, if no one ever purchased my writing, I would still do it. Because I love it that much.

What are some other difficult aspects of writing that could be viewed positively? Tell me in the comments below!

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