3 Tips To Get Away From Your Keyboard and Into Your Story

I’ve written about my need to ‘stew‘ in my story in greater detail here. I know this isn’t the most effective process for everyone, but for me, sometimes getting away from the actual process of writing can help me to develop my story much more quickly, and effectively. Here are three tips to get away from your keyboard and into your story:

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3 Ways To Change Your Writing Perspective

3 Ways To Change Your Writing Perspective by R.S. Mollison-Read

The other day, whilst writing by hand in a notebook, I became rather cramped, and decided to change position by lying out on the floor, next to my dog. While this isn’t my usual or preferred writing position, the view from the floor afforded me a rather unique perspective. At that angle, the bottom of the couch began to look like a long, dark underground tunnel. The vent behind the couch suddenly looked like the bars of a prison.
In a flash, I had a new idea for my current writing project, and I began to scribble it down madly. Simply by changing my physical position, I was able to observe my surroundings differently, and inspire a new direction in my writing.
Here are three tips to help you change your writing perspective:

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My Development Slate

My Development Slate R.S. Mollison-Read

A few months ago, I read an excellent blog post by Steven Pressfield, called Think Like A Studio. In the article, Pressfield describes the production process of Hollywood studios, and encourages writers, and other creatives to adapt that process for their own work. In Hollywood, studios have a production schedule. This means that they have more than one project lined up – and that they usually have several projects that are all in different stages of development.
I found Pressfield’s article to be fascinating, and since reading his post, I have created my own Development Slate.

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What’s In A Name: Naming Characters

What's In A Name? Naming Characters R.S. Mollison-Read

Naming characters can often be an arduous process, but there are ways to make it fun, and exciting! We put a lot of onus on names, and thus when we name a character it can feel like a huge deal. I think it is a huge deal, because I think a name can make or break a character’s believe ability.

I also find that my opinions about names are unduly influenced by the people I’ve met in my life. As a teacher, this can be especially influencing!

Here are six techniques that help me with naming characters:

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