Friday Favourites – Non-Human Characters

FF Non Human

In this edition of Friday Favourites, I will be discussing my favourite non-human characters. Since good, relatable characters are such an important part of story, I really enjoy the addition of characters that are not human – the exploration of non-human characters, whether magical or otherwise is always intriguing. Here are my favourite non-human characters:

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3 Tips To Combat Reading Resistance

Reading Resistance

Steven Pressfield, in his excellent book, The War of Art, coined the phrase ‘resistance’ when referring to that particular obstacle we creatives feel when it comes time to create. I have certainly felt this resistance when it comes time to write, and I have found Steven’s advice to be helpful in this regard. But I’ve also encountered a ‘reading resistance’ too, and in conversation with others, I have discovered that it is not a phenomenon unique to myself.

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