3 Tips To Help You Iterate on Old Ideas

3 Tips To Help You Iterate on Old Ideas by R.S. Mollison-Read

‘Everything old is new again’ – at least in the world of writing. Originality can be hard to come by, and frankly, most of the stories we love best are iterations of the same formula. This doesn’t make us love these kinds of stories any less; it just makes the old storytelling ideas all the more important. Here are three tips to help you iterate on old ideas in your writing:

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3 Tips To Get Away From Your Keyboard and Into Your Story

I’ve written about my need to ‘stew‘ in my story in greater detail here. I know this isn’t the most effective process for everyone, but for me, sometimes getting away from the actual process of writing can help me to develop my story much more quickly, and effectively. Here are three tips to get away from your keyboard and into your story:

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The Benefit of Busywork In Writing


We all of have aspects of our lives that are less than glamorous; the daily chores, and trivialities that must be completed in order to ensure that our daily existences run as smoothly as possible. These can often become annoyances though, when they feel burdensome, or interrupt important creative work. Still, I’ve come to think of busywork as an important aspect of my creative writing process, and here are three reasons why:

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