My 2016 Writing Goals

My 2016 Writing Goals by R.S. Mollison-Read

For the last two years, I have started to make a list of actionable goals I want to accomplish throughout the years. I have found such success in my personal goal making, that last year, I decided to make writing goals for 2015.

During these last few days of December before the New Year, I like to reflect on those goals, and what I accomplished in 2015. Assessing what worked and what didn’t work helps me to formulate new goals for 2016, and to move forward with actionable goals.

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My 2015 Writing Goals

My 2015 Writing Goals R.S. Mollison-Read

For many years I truly hated setting goals. I didn’t understand how to do it properly, so I would end up with nebulous ideas of things I wanted to accomplish, without knowing how to go about it. In the end, I would never accomplish anything, and then I would feel like a failure.

But in the last few years I have come to truly enjoy making goals; so much so that I make yearly, monthly and even weekly goals! I think the difference has come from setting up actionable steps to accomplish those goals, and then checking in every month, to see that I’m on track to fulfill what I set out to do. As the New Year approaches, I have taken some time to make some writing specific goals for 2015, and I’m writing a blog post about it, so that I have a sense of accountability towards those goals:

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