Sunrise, Sunrise

Sunrise R.S. Mollison-Read


It’s not difficult to be up before the sun rises in Calgary. The sunrise and sunset shift each day, and by the beginning of December, the sun sets around 4:30 pm, and doesn’t rise until around 8:30 am. It’s the opposite in the heart of summer. The sun rises around 5:30 am, and doesn’t set until just before 10:00 pm. I tried explaining this to my host family when I visited Japan a few years ago, and they thought I was lying, or at the very least exaggerating.But here we are on December 1st, at 8:00 in the morning, and the first few tendrils of sunlight are only now creeping slowly past the horizon.

Although I can hardly claim to enjoy walking home from work, and waking up, in the pitch dark for half the year, there is something magical about watching the sun rise, and the day brighten into wakefulness.

I find possibility in every sunrise.

It is one of those inexorable aspects of living on planet earth; night turning to day. In that first hour, when the blanket of dark that covers the sky begins to lighten along the horizon, I am reminded that every day is a new beginning; a rebirth, full of opportunity and new experiences. That feeling of possibility is a large part of why I am a morning person, and why so many of my ideas, and creative inspiration come as I watch the world wake.

I like to sit by the windows overlooking the backyard, to see that faithful sun lighten the sky, play with colours, and eventually heave itself up above the rooftops in all its scintillating glory.

There is just something about a sunrise that provides the imagination with a world of opportunity.


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