Shifting Gears in Writing

Shifting Gears In Writing by R.S. Mollison-Read

Writing is both an exhausting, but rewarding pursuit. I’ve now been writing seriously for several years, and have been publishing fairly regularly for the past four. This has been going well for me, but I’ve had time in the last little while to do some soul-searching, and to consider how I’d like my next few years of writing and publishing to go.

I was recently reading the transcript of Joanna Penn’s interview with author Kevin J Anderson, and they discussed the ‘popcorn theory’ of writing, wherein, writers need to consider many different writing projects, both to stretch their writing capabilities, and to ensure that there are more opportunities for readers to discover their writing.

This resonated with me, because while I’ve been writing novels in several different series, I’ve only published novels in my Elden Forest Series. This means that only readers who are interested in this type of story can discover me and my writing.

This revelation has changed my writing goals for 2017, and I’ll write a longer, more detailed post about those goals towards the end of December. Suffice it to say though, things will not continue as they have been. My plans for 2017 include releasing a novel in a new YA steampunk series, publishing a few short stories, and writing more content, more frequently on my blog.

Shifting gears is an apt metaphor for how I’m thinking about my writing next year.The reason gears exist on cars or bikes, is to help the user accomplish different goals. To apply that to my writing, while fundamental aspects of myself as a writer will stay the same, I will be ramping up my efforts in both writing and publishing, to increase my discoverability as an author, and to expand my writing horizons!

What are you changing (or keeping the same?) in 2017? Tell me in the comments below!

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