Pride In Writing

Pride In Writing by R.S. Mollison-Read

Pride is a difficult emotion. Too much pride and it becomes a crippling vice. Too little, and one doesn’t have sufficient motivation or courage to put one’s work out into the public arena.

Many writers suffer from self-doubt, and impostor syndrome; spending hours agonizing over whether our work will ever be good enough. Even when we’ve written something that we know is worth reading, there is always that nagging edge of doubt. Taking pride in our work is what allows us to publish our work, to put it in front of an audience, to take or leave as they will. That same pride allows us to continue, and hopefully to improve, even if that public reception is not what we hoped.

There is also fine line, between pride and arrogance. It is an easy emotion to wallow in, to hide behind, to construct armour from. When pride becomes inflated, and colours our perception of reality, it can become dangerous. It can give us a feeling of entitlement, and righteousness, and even bitterness, if we feel that our work isn’t being valued enough. Feeding these poisonous emotions that result from too much pride takes away from the actual work, and the true joy of writing.

Taking pride in one’s work means doing your due diligence to the entire process – receiving constructive criticism, though it can be difficult to hear, is essential to publishing good work. Far more difficult for our pride to bear is putting our work out into the public arena and hearing absolute silence. But managing our pride is the best way to channel the emotion in a positive fashion, instead of allowing it to own us.

How else is pride an important emotion in the writing process? Tell me in the comments below!

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