Patience in Writing

Patience In Writing

Patience is an important ability in writing, and it can be difficult to master. This is particularly true when we want to share our writing with others. Whether that is through a blog post, or a journal article, or an entire novel; the writing process involves infinite amounts of patience.

#1. Idea generation:
The first step in writing, is to have a topic about which to write. This can be an argument in an academic paper, a topic in a blog post, or even a story concept for a novel. While it would be nice to have an endless flow of ideas, that is not always the case. Writers need to exercise patience if they’re having trouble developing ideas, or if that idea is not as fully realized as they might wish.

#2. Writing well:
Learning how to write, and to do it well, requires time, and practice. There is no fast track to becoming an excellent writer; there is only vast amounts of patience. The more time you spend writing, the more you try to stretch yourself as a writer, the better you will become, but this process is limited by the hours in the day, so writers should be patient with themselves.

#3. Publishing process:
Even with a new self-publishing paradigm available to use these days, writing, and producing a good quality novel, still takes time, and patience. From conception, to writing, to editing, to cover design, release, and marketing – putting work out into the public requires so much patience. A good novel takes time to produce properly, and writers would do well to remember that their best work is represented when they are patient with that process.

How else is patience important in the writing process? Tell me in the comments below!

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