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Elden Forest

Continuing with my series, Organization In Writing, today I will discuss the different elements involved in my organization of a book release. It is unsurprising that the release of a book can inspire a range of emotions, from nervousness, to stress, to excitement. This is why I find it best to be highly organized and sequential when I release a book.

I always like to let my readers know what kind of projects I’m working on, whether it’s with a casual comment in a blog post, or a tweet. In the months leading up to my book release though I like to discuss my upcoming work even more than usual. In the two months right before the release of my book, I will write a blog post discussing the Title of the upcoming book, as well as a post revealing the cover art. I have found those to be good tools to get readers as excited about my work as I am!

A newer tool that I’m excited about using for the release of my third novel this summer, is the ‘pre-order’ function, now available for all major e-book retailers. This is a great tool that allows readers to have easy access to my novel, before it’s even released! This also creates excitement among readers, because they know that the minute (or second, even!) the novel is released, they will have it on their ereading devices!

Release Day!
Release day is the most exciting day, as well as the most nerve-racking. It’s so easy to get caught up in watching numbers on the big day, so instead, I like to focus on responding to comments, and most of all questions from people on the day of release. I want to focus on what people like about my novels, and their interest in my writing process, instead of on how many people are buying my book.

How do you structure the release of your writing? Tell me in the comments below!

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