My Artistic Aesthetic

My Artistic Aesthetic by R.S. Mollison-Read

I LOVE colour. I surround myself with colourful items, I decorate with bright hues, and I wear practically every colour that could possibly be imagined. For many, colour evokes emotions; I too associate certain colours with feelings and ideas. This is an incredibly important facet of my writing for several reasons:

#1. Worldbuilding:
As an author of fiction, (and especially as a fantasy author!) the worlds I build in my stories, are  meant to be viewed through this colourful lens. Each series, and story has a different colour palette for me. The places, and people, the clothing worn, the products sold and purchased within that world all subscribe to a colour palette that make that world more real for me, and for my readers.

#2. Emotion:
I, like a great many people, associate colour with emotions. So it feels completely natural to evoke emotions in my writing through the use of colour. Sometimes I make this overt in my writing; filling a scene that has one emotional aspect with the colour I most identify with that emotion. Other time, I am more subtle in my treatment. My goal is to evoke these same emotions, in a more nuanced fashion for my readers.

#3. Cohesive colour scheme:
From a purely artistic aesthetic, my novels need to have a consistent colour scheme. This is important when I work with my cover artist, because she isn’t just creating a cover for a standalone novel. All of my covers need to convey that they are part of the same world, in one glance. Having a consistent colour palette throughout my book series helps readers identify instantaneously that a book belongs to a certain series.

Here is the colour palette for my Elden Forest series:



And here is the colour palette I created for an upcoming fantasy YA series I’m working on! (more details coming soon!):


Do you use colour palettes in your writing? I’d love to know more about your artistic aesthetic! Tell me in the comments below!

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