My 2017 Writing Goals


For the past several years I’ve made writing goals, which have led to varying degrees of success, but most of all have given me something to work towards. You can read my 2015 goals here, and my 2016 goals here.

In my recent post, Shifting Gears In Writing, I discussed a new revelation, and a subsequent new direction for my writing in 2017. These writing goals reflect my ambitions both for the New Year, and the future.

#1. More:
I realize the wording of this goal is rather vague, however it is in keeping with my recent ‘popcorn theory of writing’ revelation.

I want to do more writing, more reading, more exploring, more blogging, more interacting with other amazing readers of cool lit on Twitter and other social media platforms, more learning about the publishing industry, more poetry and libretto.


#2. Actively feed my creativity:
My year of reading, which I spent a lot of time monitoring, led me to several discoveries. The first was, that I don’t make nearly enough time for reading, so I will be reshuffling some priorities in 2017 to make more room for reading. The second revelation was how good reading fiction (and occasionally non-fiction) makes me feel. It feeds my creativity, it inspires me to create my own things, and it changes my outlook on the world. And the third revelation was that I need to read more works by more diverse writers, and so part of my reading goals for 2017 include actively seeking, and reading diverse works. I can also fed my creativity by pursuing other artistic outlets, like drawing, photography, and even cooking!

#3. Embrace discomfort:
I am a creature of comfort and routine. My carefully cultivated routine makes me feel in control, efficient, and productive. But that routine is also limiting; both to myself personally, and it can be limiting to my writing. Some of my best ideas have occurred when I’ve broken out of my routine, or been travelling, or in any way forced myself to be more than I currently am. To do that, and to really embrace this idea, I need to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable, because good things happen for me when I put myself in the in-between.

What are your 2017 writing goals? Tell me in the comments below!

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