My 2016 Writing Goals

My 2016 Writing Goals by R.S. Mollison-Read

For the last two years, I have started to make a list of actionable goals I want to accomplish throughout the years. I have found such success in my personal goal making, that last year, I decided to make writing goals for 2015.

During these last few days of December before the New Year, I like to reflect on those goals, and what I accomplished in 2015. Assessing what worked and what didn’t work helps me to formulate new goals for 2016, and to move forward with actionable goals.


  1. Be more disciplined in my writing – I feel like I was quite successful with this goal. I set out to write for at least 30 minutes every day, and while I didn’t manage to do that 365 days exactly, I definitely hit over 300 days, which was exactly what I wanted. Part of this goal was to write a new blog post every single week. I believe I missed two or three weeks in 2015, but I am very happy with how many blog posts I was able to produce. I’ve also been very encouraged by the increase in traffic to my site, which I think is largely due to my increase in blog posts!
  2. statsRelease two new novels in 2015 – I feel halfway successful with this goal. I released Magician’s Mirrors in September, but the second novel I had planned to release in 2015 was delayed in favour of other projects/writing experiments, so I don’t feel like it was a complete failure. However, this goal is something I would like to improve upon for 2016, and it will be intimately related to my first goal – writing discipline.
  3. Expand my writing horizons – This has definitely been a successful goal for me this year. I wanted to try different genres, and I have – sci-fi, steampunk, historical fantasy! I’m pleased to say I look forward to releasing several of these projects in 2016, and 2017! (I will also be adding a progress bar to my site soon, so that you can see what the status is on a multitude of my writing projects!)


  1. Writing Discipline – I will be continuing with this goal in 2016. I feel very strongly that not only did I increase the amount of work I was able to produce, but the quality of my work improved. I look forward to releasing not only one or two blog posts a week, but in 2016 I will be focused on improving the quality of those posts for my readers. As well, I will be focusing on producing, (and publishing) even more novels for release in 2016 and beyond!
  2. Release three new novels in 2016 – Although I was unsuccessful at releasing two novels in 2015, that extra time, space, and period of growth has put me in an excellent position to release three novels in 2016. They will be spaced out evenly, so my first novel of 2016 will be released in March (more info in the next few weeks!), another novel just before summer, and the third in late November. I’m very excited about these upcoming projects!
  3. Release different types of writing – 2015 was about exposing myself to new genres of writing, and trying my hand at writing in these genres, and I’m pleased to redouble my efforts in 2016, and to share some of these efforts publicly. Look for a new YA Steampunk series out in late 2016, with more on the way in 2017!

What are your writing goals for 2016? Tell me in the comments below!

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