Magician’s Mastery – Cover Reveal!

Magician's Mastery R.S. Mollison-Read

I am thrilled to show you the brand new cover for my latest novel, and the second book in my Elden Forest Series; Magician’s Mastery!

About Magician’s Mastery:

The magical adventures of Tobin Wells continue in Magician’s Mastery, the second book in the Elden Forest Series! As Tobin begins his studies at the castle to be a magician, he encounters new friends, and interesting magic, including Ascension Incantations, Cessation Elixirs, and exotic new plants in Flora and Fauna class. But a mysterious magical force begins to cause powerful magical disturbances all over Elden Forest, wrecking havoc everywhere! Along with his new classmates, Emery and Simon, as well as his old friend Darcie, Tobin must race to discover what is causing the magical disturbances, and how to stop them before Elden Forest is destroyed! 


The cover art for Magician’s Mastery, and for my first novel, Magician’s Mayhem, was created by the amazingly talented Kat Long, who is a student at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta, finishing up her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. I am very fortunate to have met Kat through our work with the Calgary Children’s Choir. Kat is the Creative Consultant for the choir; using her artistic talents to unite the ideas of the choristers with the musical direction of the choir.


Because my novels are intended for a middle grade audience, I have a lot of wonderful options open to me in terms of the cover art. When I first approached Kat to work with me on the cover for Magician’s Mayhem, I had several ideas about what I wanted in mind. What I wanted most was for the cover art to depict a specific scene from the novel. During my first meeting with Kat, we discussed not only the scene that I had in mind, but the characters, and even the geography of Elden Forest as well. As I talked about the physical layout of Elden, the appearance of the characters and their personality traits, Kat opened up her notebook, and began to make some preliminary sketches. Once she had a good idea about what Elden Forest and the main characters looked like, she began to sketch the scene I had described. After some minor tweaks in the sketches, Kat scanned the drawing into the computer to begin adding the colour. Upon finishing the colour, she sent it to me for final approval! This is also the approach we took with this newest cover for Magician’s Mastery!

The most wonderful aspect of our collaborations, is that Kat is able to envision the scenes I describe to her from multiple perspectives. She then sketches these different angles out for me to decide which perspective I think best represents my vision for the story I’ve written. Often, Kat is able to view the scene with a refreshing clarity, and she brings a unique and exhilarating perspective to our collaborations. I have been thrilled with both of the covers Kat has created for me. She is a joy to work with, and inspires me with her clever ideas (like the cupcake frosting dripping onto the words of the title!), and her excitement about my story. Kat brings my imagination to life! Check back soon for a link to Kat’s website!

Magician’s Mastery will be available for purchase on April 30th, 2014 at all major ebook retailers!

So, what do you think of the cover art for Magician’s Mastery? Tell me in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Magician’s Mastery – Cover Reveal!

  1. Great cover, Rachael! It certainly shows magic gone awry. It attracts the eye and makes it wander around picture enjoying all the details. The color balance is good and it provides the strongest hook or first “eye catcher.”
    You must be excited as you approach the publication of you next book.

    I look forward to reading and reviewing it. 🙂

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