Humour In Writing

Humour In Writing

Writing is an enjoyable process, but it can sometimes be  maddeningly frustrating. That’s why I often find it helpful to keep my sense of humour when I’m writing:

Laugh at yourself:
I can be quite comical when I write – either typing away frantically, when I’m in the midst of a torrent of inspiration, or plucking numbly at the keyboard if I’m having a slow day. Sometimes I like to remind myself, particularly on those slow days, just how silly I look hunched over the keyboard like a grumpy hobbit in a hole. I find at those times, that it’s helpful for me to grab a pen and a notebook, and go somewhere more inspiring, and write by hand for a little while.

Laugh at your work:
I try very hard not to edit as I’m writing. This is difficult, because I like to think of myself as an eloquent and articulate person, but sometimes, after I’ve written something, and I go back and read it over, it is absolute nonsense that makes me cringe, and wonder if someone else didn’t write it. At those moments, I just have to laugh at my writing, and then go in and do the heavy lifting of an edit. It doesn’t do anything to berate myself for not being the writer I wished I was every second of every day.

Laugh at the process:
Writing truly can be a ridiculous process. I find myself becoming so emotionally attached to the characters I’ve created, the world they live in, and sometimes even a particular phrase I’ve written that feels especially juicy. It is at these moments that I just have to wonder about writing. What a ridiculous, wonderful, endearing process in which we are involved!

Do you find humour useful in your writing process? Tell me in the comments below!

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