How Relationships Inspire Writing

How Relationships Inspire Writing

I think most writers would admit (willingly or otherwise), that they use elements from their real life in their writing. This could be a description of a place they love, or inspiration from an event in their life, or even sometimes, personality traits to use in a character. We are all shaped and molded by our relationships with others, and they very often inspire our writing:

Close Relationships:
The people closest to us are often an excellent source of material for character traits. We choose to keep people in our lives based on the traits that we admire, and it’s very inspirational to have a great variety of excellent qualities to choose from. Those closest to us can also provide excellent inspiration for personality quirks, since we know them so intimately, and these too can be used for inspiration.

Sometimes it is easier to write a personality trait inspired by someone we don’t know all that well. Having that arm’s length in a relationship, allows us to view someone without bias, and to understand not only what we like and dislike about them, but why we value, or don’t those traits. I find that my acquaintances with strong personalities often provide great inspiration for my writing.

Adversarial Relationships: 
We can’t get along with everyone; it’s just not realistic. Some of my best writing material has come from a relationship with someone I dislike, or have disliked in the past. It helps me to examine exactly what characteristics I dislike, but it also provides inspiration for situations in which to reveal those personality traits. I often find it therapeutic to include these relationships in my writing, to help my characters find redemption, even if I know it’s not likely to come in real life.

How else can relationships inspire writing? Tell us in the comments below!

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