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In this edition of Friday Favourites, I’m exploring my favourite stand alone novels. Since I’m a big fan of series writing, I’ve been rather reticent to try stand alone novels. Still, there were several stand alone novels that I read this year that I enjoyed, and it has made me much more excited about choosing other standalones in the future.

#1. The Naturalist – Alissa York:


This was a new one for me, since it is both a standalone novel, and it is completely without magic or science fiction in any way. I loved the idea of a Victorian naturalist though, and Alissa wrote beautifully of the Amazonian jungle, and the various flora and fauna found there, so that could almost feel the humidity coming off the pages.

The story is told compellingly through a seamless blend of ‘present focused’ trekking through the jungle, and haunting flashbacks that reveal the depth and complexity of the story bit by tantalizing bit.


#2. The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton:

The Miniaturist

I have a hard time calling this a favourite, because I found it creepy as hell, but the story, and the characters stuck with me for so long that I definitely think it’s worth a read. (Just maybe not at night in the heart of winter, as I did. Also in all fairness, I’m a total scaredy cat…)

The Miniaturist has a female protagonist who, through a series of bizarre, weirdly inexplicable, and sometimes disturbing circumstances finds a deep reservoir of inner strength, and changes her perspective, and some of her deeply held beliefs.
I really respect this story because it features many women, all different, some deeply flawed, and never reedemed. While I love a good redemption story as much as the next person, I want to see more horrible, twisted female characters, who are never absolved – it is far more interesting, and realistic.

This story was told in a compelling manner, never revealing too much, and always leaving me guessing, and wondering. Fantastic!

#3. Iron Cast – Destiny Soria:

Iron Cast

I just finished this book on Tuesday, and it was a wonderful story to start off 2017 with. The magical system is fascinating (and as a professional musician, I doubly appreciate Ada’s hemopath talent of musical coersion via emotion). The magic was creative, but so subtly written into the world that it was utterly believable.

I loved Destiny’s descriptions of early twentieth century Boston, especially in the heart of winter. This novel not only features a POC as the main character, it has a beautifully complex female friendship that I truly enjoyed. The story was compelling, and beautifully descriptive. Love.


What are some of your favourite standalone novels? Tell me in the comments below!

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