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Continuing my series, Friday Favourites, I’ll be discussing my favourite short stories.

My first experience with short stories was in English Language Arts classes in junior high, so unsurprisingly my enjoyment of them was tainted by that association for quite a while. Still, I’ve been very pleased to find many short stories, available for free on Tor, or Clarksworld etc… . I find them to be excellent lunchtime reads, as well as an excellent introduction to new authors (and thus, a highly effective marketing tool!) Here are three of my recent favourites:

#1. Too Fond – Leanna Renee Hieber:


I read this one around Halloween, as was suggested on Twitter, and I’m glad I did. I don’t usually love creepy or sinister, as I’m quite the scaredy cat, as mentioned here. Still, this story was not so creepy that it lingered in my mind, as was the case with The Miniaturist. It is probably the shortest short that I’ve read in recent years, and it is told well; each word contributes to the story, while retaining good descriptive characteristics, and a decent amount of characterization. Also, I love the cover art!



#2. Seven Years From Home – Naomi Novik:


As soon as I saw this short was written by one of my favourite authors, I was reading it. I ADORE Naomi’s Temeraire novels, and frequently re-read the entire series. This short was more sci-fi than the speculative fiction of the Temeraire series, and it was an interesting change in tone and character from those Temeraire novels. (Naomi has such impressive range!) All the facets of Naomi’s writing that I so admire; excellent description, compelling story, and vivid characters were present in this short. It was a riveting read, and I encourage anyone who loves sci-fi to give it a go!



#3. Firstborn – Brandon Sanderson:


Far and away my favourite short story so far, is this delight by Brandon Sanderson. It reminded me viscerally of Ender’s Game, another science fiction story I loved. Though less populated with the actual logistics and tactics of warfare than Ender’s Game, Sanderson’s story Firstborn share the same intriguing story, and intense psychology of space warfare, with a wild plot twist that I loved! I fervently hope to see more works in this universe!



What are your favourite short stories? Tell me in the comments below!

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