Friday Favourites – ‘New-To-Me’ Authors


Friday Favourites - New To Me AuthorsOne of my 2017 Writing Goals is ‘More’, and while that’s quite ambiguous, I did have some concrete ideas behind that rather vague title. This year I want to do more blog post writing, and also more reading, so I decided to combine those two things!

In 2016 I did a lot more reading than I have in recent years, and since part of my reading ambitions were to discover new authors, I feel quite successful in having found several whom I admire, and enjoy. I am excited to encounter even more ‘new-to-me’ authors in 2017, so I would love any and all SFF book recommendations!

#1. Charlie N. Holmberg:


Charlie is far and away my favourite ‘new-to-me’ author, and I am so delighted at having found her stories. Her writing is absolutely beautiful (it is full of imagery, graceful and quite lyrical as well – it reminds me of well-written music). Charlie’s stories are rife with magic, and whimsy, but also more subtle profundity, which I found quite moving. I read her Paper Magician trilogy, Followed By Frost, and Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet in quick succession, and I am eagerly awaiting her next release, The Fifth Doll.


#2. Natasha Pulley:


I read Natasha’s, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, in a day and half, and immediately went to search for more of her writing. Unfortunately (and also fortunately), Watchmaker was her debut novel. I am astounded and delighted that someone so young has already captivated me with gorgeous writing, complex plot, and utterly mesmerizing storytelling, so while I’m sad that I shall have to wait a while for her next work, I’m also very excited to see what she writes next!



#3. Wesley Chu:


I added Wesley’s The Lives of Tao to my wishlist after reading the first sentence in the description. I bought the remaining books in the series after reading the first chapter of The Lives of Tao, that’s how great it is. Action-packed, with intriguing internal dialogue between two of the main characters, I loved reading Wesley’s writing. It is full of interesting, diverse, and very dynamic characters, and the plot kept me guessing, which I loved!



#4. Brene Brown:


My first encounter with Brene was actually watching her moving Ted Talk on vulnerability. As a musician, and a writer, I found her perspective unnervingly true, and very reflective of my own artistic journey, so I added several of her books to my Wishlist. When her book, Daring Greatly, went on sale, I picked up a copy and was delighted to find a very in-depth examination of what it means to truly be ‘whole-hearted’, and what an essential skill that is for an artist.



#5. Brandon Sanderson:


While Brandon doesn’t technically belong on this list because I read the WOT series, which he finished on behalf of Robert Jordan, and I immensely enjoyed his writing, I read Warbreaker by Sanderson in February and loved it. While it’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I had never read any of Sanderson’s writing before, but better late than never!



Which ‘new-to-you’ authors have you discovered in the last year? Tell me in the comments below!

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