Friday Favourites – Fantasy Series

Fantasy Series

For this Friday Favourites edition, I’ll be discussing my favourite fantasy series. The great thing about the SFF genres is that there are a great many series. In fact, it’s much more difficult to find a stand-alone SFF than it is to find a series! This also means that it’s quite difficult to pick a favourite, but there are three of mine:

#1. Temeraire Series – Naomi Novik:


This is one of my favourite fantasy series because it involves an alt-historical version of the Napoleonic Wars with dragons! The writing is excellent and the story is so utterly compelling. The dragons are intelligent and interesting, and I love the complex world of dragon zoology that Naomi Novik has written. I also adore the way the dragons are worked into the militaries of the European countries Novik writes about. It’s such a great take on the Napoleonic Wars! The writing is beautiful and compelling too – I always feel like I’m up in the air with the dragons, or eating the amazing foods described, or feeling the searing heat of the desert.


#2. Belgariad/ Mallorean Series – David Eddings:


I love a good journey of discovery series, and the Belgriad and follow-up series Mallorean are exactly that! They follow the story of young Garion as he finds his way. I love that David Eddings allows the mystery to be revealed to the reader in the same way it is revealed to young Garion. This series is full of interesting magic, colourful characters, and great women (including thousand-year old sorceresses, clever assassins, and less than perfect princesses). I also enjoy the humour used in this series!



#3. Wheel of Time Series – Robert Jordan:


My all-time favourite fantasy series is the Wheel of Time series, written by the late Robert Jordan. After his death, the series was beautifully finished by Brandon Sanderson, using the extensive notes Robert Jordan had left behind. I love this series because it is so extensive, and the world Robert Jordan created is so complete and believable – different cultures, different languages, systems of payment, education, transportation – it is seriously impressive. I also love the system of magic – so unique and interesting. The series also features an amazing number of women – both heroes and villains, and I love that the women are so incredibly diverse (both ethnically and culturally, and in terms of their personalities) – it’s such an honest portrayal of women. I return to the Wheel of Time universe over and over again because it is so good!

What are your favourite fantasy series? Tell me in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – Fantasy Series

  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve been meaning to start the Wheel of Time series, but I’m intimidated by the length of the series as well as how long each book is. 🙂 Speaking of Brandon Sanderson, his Mistborn series is one of my favorites.


      The WOT is a huge series and I first read it when I was a teenager, and had more time, and energy – so I can’t imagine how daunting it would seem now! But it really is worth it!

      Mistborn is on my TBR list! I really enjoy Brandon Sanderson’s writing style, so I may have to bump Mistborn up the list!

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