Friday Favourites: Bookish Websites

Bookish Websites

In this edition of Friday Favourites I’ll be discussing my favourite ‘bookish websites’. By this, I mean websites that help to cultivate a community around books, by facilitating discussion, exploration and interest in all different kinds of books:

#1. The British Library:

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The British Library is one of the United Kingdom’s loveliest gems in my opinion, and while I hope to return there in person very soon, for now the website must suffice. I have to say that while I enjoy their website, and the articles regularly posted there, what I love the most is their Twitter account! They frequently post photos of old documents, or rare books, including interesting tidbits of information, and providing links to more information on the subject. I have often fallen into the ‘rabbit hole’ of following up on those links and been led to some pretty interesting information!


#2. Goodreads:

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This community revolves around readers, and though Amazon now owns it, much of the site remains the same. I love Goodreads because it’s a good way to find unbiased reviews for books, and I have found the reviews to be very insightful, and incredibly helpful in determining whether I want to read something or not. I also love Goodreads because readers can create lists, compiling favourite books in a variety of different ways – like ‘Best Books of the Decade’, ‘Best Twists’, and ‘There Ought To Be A Band Name’. This feature is such a great discovery tool, and it’s intriguing to see how other readers classify books you’ve read. I also really love the quote feature on Goodreads – it is an impressive database of wonderful quotes from literature!


Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.21.52 AM

This is my favourite of all the bookish sites, because Science Fiction and Fantasy are my favourite genres. The website does a really wonderful job of creating diverse, and interesting content, in the form of group discussions around SFF favourites re-reads; introducing readers to new books, upcoming titles, and re-imagined favourites. I also love that features movies and television that fall into the SFF genres. Also, has the BEST book club – featuring one new FREE book a month, if you sign up for their newsletter! I love it!

What’s your favourite ‘bookish website’? Tell me in the comments below!

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