Friday Favourites – Authorpreneurs

Friday Favourites - Authorpreneurs

In today’s edition of Friday Favourites, I’ll be discussing my favourite ‘authorpreneurs’. For those who don’t know, ‘authorpreneur’ is a term to describe authors, who are often, though not always Indies, who also consider themselves entrepreneurs. For those of us in the indie author market, being entrepreneurial comes with the territory. Here are three authorpreneurs who I have found very inspiring, and who I think continually contribute value to the indie community.

#1. Joel Friedlander:

Joel Friedlander

As the mind behind The Book Designer, Joel Friedlander is not just an author, but a designer, with experience in book printing, and typography. He is an excellent resource to the indie community, and provides excellent advice on marketing, writing, and publishing in his blogs, as well as creating excellent guides for getting started in the self-publishing industry. I have found his promotion of other authors to be especially helpful, and I regularly use the feature ‘Carnival of the Indies’, both to discover new ideas, and new authors, and to increase my own blog posts’ exposure.


#2. Jane Friedman:


An author, and businesswoman, Jane Friedman has worked in publishing for the past two decades, and brings a wealth of knowledge and insider understanding to the indie community. She also publishes The Hot Sheet, a subscription service that condenses and analyses all the latest publishing news, with Porter Anderson, (another great resource in the indie community), through regular blog posts, and tweets, Jane’s insights are invaluable and she excels at condensing complicated information into smaller, manageable action steps for newer indie authors.


#3. Joanna Penn:


Joanna writes a very helpful blog, and hosts a podcast as ‘The Creative Penn’, but she is also a fiction author, under the pen name, ‘J.F. Penn‘, writing supernatural thrillers. I find Joanna to be the most useful resource to me personally as an indie author, because of her experience as a fiction writer. She is incredibly transparent and accessible in sharing her information, including posting a yearly updates on her income, and how it breaks down. Joanna distributes her knowledge on a wide variety of platforms; blogs, podcasts, webinars, Twitter, Instagram etc… so there’s something for everyone!


Who are your favourite authorpreneurs? Tell me in the comments below!

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