Five Great Writing Resources

5 Great Writing Resources R.S. Mollison-Read

Writers have so much information available to us these days, that it can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing to go through it all. Here are five websites that I have found to be particularly great writing resources:

badredhead_ad-150x150#1. BadRedHead Media:
This is a media organization owned and operated by Rachel Thompson, a best-selling author. Rachel offers several packages for social media consulting specifically for writers, but she also dispenses excellent and interesting advise for writers via her blog. Rachel is also responsible for the popular Twitter hashtag #MondayBlogs. This hashtag is an excellent way to share your posts with others, and to expose yourself to the writing of others. It’s a great way to connect with writers and readers via Twitter!


screen-shot-2013-04-25-at-14-12-28#2. The Book Designer:
The Book Designer is a website, created and run by author and publishing expert Joel Friedlander. It has a ton of great information about everything and anything to do with writing; tips and tricks, publishing information, cover design tips, etc… The Book Designer also host a monthly blog tour called the Carnival of the Indies. You can submit a recent blog post, and then at the end of each month go and have a look at the collection of interesting posts by other writers! It’s a great way to gain insights into writing, and the state of publishing right now, as well as to get your own posts seen by others!


image#3. Wattpad:
I wrote about my experience with Wattpad here, and since that post, I’ve come to appreciate it even more. Wattpad is a really great way to connect with both readers and writers, and to get real feedback from your readers on those aspects of your stories that they enjoy, and those aspects they don’t enjoy. It’s like having millions of beta readers! It is also a great way to get your writing in front of millions of new readers; Wattpad has an estimated 35 million users, and is growing every day.


icon-goodreads#4. Goodreads:
Good writers are first and foremost good readers, and Goodreads is a wonderful community where people discuss books they love, and the storytelling in which they’re interested. As a writer, you should definitely have an author presence on Goodreads, but this is not a place to hawk your work. Goodreads is a place for readers to connect with other readers, and writers are also readers, this can help you to find common ground with people who might also enjoy your work!


Twitter_bird_icon#5. Twitter:
There is no other social media platform or website I have found that is as great for writers as Twitter. This is a brilliant social media platform on which to share your writing, to meet other writers, and most of all to connect with readers! There are so many different people associated with the writing and publishing industry on Twitter -beta  readers, book bloggers, agents, publishers and more!



What are some writing resources that have been helpful to you? Tell me in the comments below!

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