Essential Writer Skills: Imagination

Essential Writer Skills - Imagination R.S. Mollison-Read

Writers require a number of skills to enable them to do their best work. This is the second in a series titled, Essential Writer Skills that will focus on the specialized abilities writers should develop, and some techniques to hone these skills.


Writers require an inordinate amount of imagination and creativity. We have to write dialogue that has never been spoken, describe settings that have never been seen, and create characters who have never existed. Some of these elements may be based on things we already know or have experienced, but there are many aspects of writing that require the ability to imagine.

Imagination can often seem like a nebulous concept, but I’ve found that it’s helpful to tie the things that I imagine back to reality in some way.

Daydreaming, which I’ve written about in detail here, is one way in which you can stretch your imagination. Another exercise that I find particularly useful is something I call ‘What If?’
I try to take a completely implausible event or idea in our reality, and imagine what life would be like if it were real. For example, I might think ‘what if people travelled in bubbles?’ From there, I imagine all of the other things that would have to be possible for people to travel in bubbles.

How else might imagination be an essential skill for a writer? Tell me in the comments below!


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