Dear Santa: A Reading/Writing Wishlist

Dear Santa - A Writing/Reading Wishlist by R.S. Mollison-Read

Dear Santa,

Since I have been a very good citizen of the earth this year, (taking out the recycling in a timely fashion, mostly cleaning up after myself, signaling politely  when I wish to change lanes etc…), I think it is only appropriate that I be placed on the ‘good list’. As such, I wanted to send you a list of the things I’d like for Christmas this year.


  1. Tons of Brilliant Ideas – for stories and such, but I wouldn’t mind some for marketing too, if you have some extra just lying around.
  2. Oodles of discipline – this is rather an important gift, and also I think it goes nicely with gift #1, so if you could make sure they’re packaged together, that would be great.
  3. Word Flow – it would be ever so nice if I could also have some flow. You know, where the words just seep out of my finger tips nicely as I type, and I slip into a writing trance, and then suddenly it’s three hours later, and there are 10,000 words sitting there. That’s much more pleasant than staring at the screen blankly, so I’d definitely like some of that, please.



  1. BOOKS! Of any variety, really. Although I must say I am especially fond of Science Fiction, and Fantasy novels.
  2. Time – some extra hours in the day would be lovely, so that I can be sure to get through all of the aforementioned books.
  3. Tea – an excellent ‘reading adjacent’ gift, I do love a good cup of tea whilst reading. I am particularly fond of Twining’s Lady Grey.

Thanks very much, for your time, Santa! I’ll put some cookies out for you on the 24th!

Merry Christmas!




What’s on your writing/reading wishlist? Tell me in the comments below!

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