Curiosity In Writing


Curiosity is one of the most delightful, and also profound emotions that we can experience. It is what enables us to move forward in our lives, to explore the world around us, and to keep seeking new information, new ideas, and new stories.

Curiosity is an integral aspect of our lives, and it is an essential aspect of writing. The reason we write, is to communicate our ideas more effectively; to shape and mold, to discover hidden layers, to forge connections between seemingly disparate notions.

Writers who actively encourage their natural curiosities have an advantage, their writing will feel easier, their stories will be more creative and meaningful, and opening your mind to the exploration of anything that you find curious is a powerful tool of discovery. The more one learns, and in seemingly disparate fields, the more one can discover intersections – where two fields overlap in a creative and unique manner.

These intersectionalities are where the best stories reside. Actively seeking out intersectionalities is an excellent way to improve your writing, idea generation, and storytelling! Imagination then, is simply an exploration of curiosity. The desire to improve and enhance one’s writing is a direct response to curiosity. So get curious!

How is else is curiosity important in writing? Tell me in the comments below!

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