3 Tips To Help You Carve Out Better Writing Time

3 Tips To Help You Carve Out Better Writing Time R.S. Mollison-Read

I’ve written quite a bit about making your writing time work for you. Posts like this, this, this, and this all illustrate the variety of ways in which you can carve more time for writing out of your day.
But not all time is created equal, and in our increasingly distracted lives, sometimes creating better writing time can do more for your writing than just increasing the amount of time you’re writing:

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3 Tips To Get Away From Your Keyboard and Into Your Story

I’ve written about my need to ‘stew‘ in my story in greater detail here. I know this isn’t the most effective process for everyone, but for me, sometimes getting away from the actual process of writing can help me to develop my story much more quickly, and effectively. Here are three tips to get away from your keyboard and into your story:

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