My 2016 Writing Goals

My 2016 Writing Goals by R.S. Mollison-Read

For the last two years, I have started to make a list of actionable goals I want to accomplish throughout the years. I have found such success in my personal goal making, that last year, I decided to make writing goals for 2015.

During these last few days of December before the New Year, I like to reflect on those goals, and what I accomplished in 2015. Assessing what worked and what didn’t work helps me to formulate new goals for 2016, and to move forward with actionable goals.

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My Development Slate

My Development Slate R.S. Mollison-Read

A few months ago, I read an excellent blog post by Steven Pressfield, called Think Like A Studio. In the article, Pressfield describes the production process of Hollywood studios, and encourages writers, and other creatives to adapt that process for their own work. In Hollywood, studios have a production schedule. This means that they have more than one project lined up – and that they usually have several projects that are all in different stages of development.
I found Pressfield’s article to be fascinating, and since reading his post, I have created my own Development Slate.

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Organization In Writing – Release

Elden Forest

Continuing with my series, Organization In Writing, today I will discuss the different elements involved in my organization of a book release. It is unsurprising that the release of a book can inspire a range of emotions, from nervousness, to stress, to excitement. This is why I find it best to be highly organized and sequential when I release a book.

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