Friday Favourites – Middle-Grade Novels:

Middle Grade

Continuing with my Friday Favourites series, today I’ll be discussing Middle-Grade novels I love. Middle-Grade is an interesting classification because it has several definitions, but most people will agree that it books in this category are meant for younger readers who are old enough for chapter books, but perhaps too young for longer novels. Generally, though not always, the characters in the novels are pre-teen age, and many of the themes in these books are lighter (although I have to say that Harry Potter breaks many of these conventions!) Whatever the criteria for being considered Middle Grade, these books can still be appealing to adults. Here are three of my favourite:

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Friday Favourites – Young Adult Novels

Friday Favourites - Young Adult

It seems like books classified as ‘Young Adult’ often get a bad rap. It is easy to dismiss young people as naive and idealistic, and sadly, many do, but I often find teenagers to be well informed, engaged, and that they offer an interesting perspective. And the stories written for, by, and about this age group, are no less meaningful and important. Here are a few of my favourite young adult novels:

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Friday Favourites – Authorpreneurs

Friday Favourites - Authorpreneurs

In today’s edition of Friday Favourites, I’ll be discussing my favourite ‘authorpreneurs’. For those who don’t know, ‘authorpreneur’ is a term to describe authors, who are often, though not always Indies, who also consider themselves entrepreneurs. For those of us in the indie author market, being entrepreneurial comes with the territory. Here are three authorpreneurs who I have found very inspiring, and who I think continually contribute value to the indie community.

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