How Exploring Multiple Aspects Of Creativity Makes Me A Better Writer

Multi Faceted Creativty

I love the arts. I always have. I started art classes and choir at age five, piano lessons and dance at seven, and extra curricular creative writing programs at age ten. But all of those activities melted away as I became more and more immersed in music.
I loved music so much that by the time I was in my last year of high school I was in both a symphonic band and a youth orchestra, I sang in four different choirs, as well as choir class during school time, and had private voice lessons and piano lessons.
I loved music so much that I earned two university degrees in classical voice.
The thing about classical music is that it demands so much of you; your time, and attention, and rigourous discipline. So much so, that you have to be entirely committed to it. And so, for a time, I put all of my other creative pursuits into a drawer in my mind, and I closed it, so I could fully subsume myself to music.

And that was good.

For a while.

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Idea Iteration

Idea Iteration by R.S. Mollison-Read

Ideas are wonderful; they can be creative little sparks that illuminate previously darkened corners of your experience, or they can come to you fully formed, ready to be written into existence just as they are. While it can be encouraging, (and productive!) to have ideas come to you fully formed, I actually quite like when a tiny little seed of an idea morphs into something else entirely. And if an idea iterates more than once, even better!

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