Friday Favourites – Dystopian

FF Dystopian

For this edition of Friday Favourites, I will be discussing my favourite Dystopian novels. Now, I actually strongly dislike dystopian fiction, and so it was rather easy for me to formulate this list. That said, I read most of these at an impressionable young age, and I must acknowledge that though I don’t like the genre much, these books have had a great impact on how I see the world, and how I think about my place in it.

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Writing In The In-Between

Writing In-Between

As I mentioned in this post, only writing in the time that I had designated as ‘writing time’ had a limiting effect on my writing. Since discovering these limitations, I have taken some steps to ensure that I’m making the most of my writing time and energy. This has led me to the discovery of ‘in-between’, and I’ve found it particularly helpful in accomplishing my writing goals:

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