5 Tips For Cultivating Creativity In Writing

5 Tips Cultivating Creativity


Creativity is a necessary element in writing, and, much like any skill, it can be cultivated, to provide you with a bountiful crop of imaginative ideas. Here are 5 tips to help you cultivate creativity:

#1. Prepare:
Cultivating creativity, much like cultivating a garden, requires preparation. This means a willingness to establish routines, and parametres to ensure that creativity can flourish. Preparation is unique to each person, but it can be as simple, as preparing a writing time, or a writing space, or it can involve a much more elaborate ‘writing ritual’. No matter the logistics of the process, creativity is something that can be managed, if you prepare yourself for it.

#2. Tune out:
In our increasingly technology driven world, it is very easy to fracture your attention, and social media in particular, helps writers to feel busy, without actually improving one’s productivity. I have found that ‘unplugging’ for several hours at a time, provide me with the best opportunities to do good, deep work, and allow my mind to wander, and to even get bored sometimes. There is plenty of research that demonstrates the positive effects of boredom in cultivating creativity.

#3. Tune in:
That said, there are a variety of external sources that can truly help to inspire creativity. Reading the work of others can be very inspirational, as can travel, and forging strong relationships with others. Surrounding yourself with inspiring, and interesting people, ensuring that you have unique, and imaginative experiences, will help you immeasurably to cultivate creativity in your writing!

#4. Rest:
If you are continually picking fruit from a plant, eventually that plant will no longer yield anything for you. Resting is an imperative for cultivating creativity. As with anything, rest provides us with time to recuperate, to gain perspective, and to allow our minds to shift from narrow focus to broader musings. Physical, mental, and emotional rest are necessary components of cultivating a creative habit.

#5. Connections:
Plants thrive because they forge a strong connection of root systems. As writers, we can cultivate a similar kind of network, both in our work, and in our network. Creativity is at its best, and most unique, when writers are able to make interesting connections between seemingly disparate notions. As well, when writers communicate and collaborate with one another, we also forge important connections that help all of us with our creative aspirations.

How else can you cultivate creativity? Tell me in the comments below!

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