3 Ways To Change Your Writing Perspective

3 Ways To Change Your Writing Perspective by R.S. Mollison-Read

The other day, whilst writing by hand in a notebook, I became rather cramped, and decided to change position by lying out on the floor, next to my dog. While this isn’t my usual or preferred writing position, the view from the floor afforded me a rather unique perspective. At that angle, the bottom of the couch began to look like a long, dark underground tunnel. The vent behind the couch suddenly looked like the bars of a prison.
In a flash, I had a new idea for my current writing project, and I began to scribble it down madly. Simply by changing my physical position, I was able to observe my surroundings differently, and inspire a new direction in my writing.
Here are three tips to help you change your writing perspective:

#1. Make a physical change:
This is as easy as changing your position, or your surroundings. By putting yourself into a new space, you have a new vantage point on which to observe the world around you. If you use writing props, you could manipulate them by turning them upside down, or at an angle, and re-imagine it from this new perspective.

#2. Adapt or modify an idea:
Often in writing, there aren’t a lot of physical aspects to manipulate; our worlds often exist entirely in our minds. In this case, I like to imagine those ideas as physical entities, and shape and mold them differently in my mind. By turning an idea entirely on its head; imagining the opposite of every aspect of that idea, I can often adapt or modify that idea to make it more interesting, and unique.

#3. Remove Yourself Entirely:
One of my favourite, and most esoteric writing challenges, is to remove my own bias, and assumptions from my writing. Sometimes, I like to pretend that I am someone else entirely, and then write from their perspective. This is slightly different than imagining my character, and their life and perspective. I like to change my perspective as the author of these characters. It gives me an arm length from the character, before diving back in, that I have found to be enormously helpful in my writing; developing fully realized characters, who don’t share my perspectives, and don’t possess character traits that I do.

How else can you change your writing perspective? Tell me in the comments below!

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