3 Ways In Which Teaching Inspires Writing

3 Ways In Which Teaching Inspires Writing R.S. Mollison-Read

As many of you know, when I’m not writing, I teach classical voice. There are many aspects of music that inspire my writing, but lately I’ve noticed that there are just as many aspects of teaching that inspire writing as well! Here are three ways in which teaching inspires writing:

#1. Start With The Basics:
Every one who takes singing lessons with me starts with the basics. Even if they’ve been singing for years. Breathing properly is the foundation on which good singing is built, and while it seems rudimentary for some, good breath management is the first thing to go when nerves hit in a performance.
Starting with a solid foundation is writing is just as important. I consider reading to be the first step in becoming a good writer. The ability to read, and then to analyze what you’ve read, to think critically and to extrapolate those elements of writing which you admire, is an essential quality in a writer. I make just as much time to read, as I make to write, to ensure that I continue to start with the basics.

#2. Patience:
Writing is a skill which, like so many others, needs to be honed and refined continually. The same is true with music, and it is something I strive to instill in my students In our society of instant gratification, it can be difficult for students to stick to acquiring a skill at which they are not automatically brilliant. Patience is an essential skill in acquiring the skill to sing, as well as to write.

#3. Perspective:
I learn just as much from my students as they learn from me. I discovered in my first year of teaching that every student brings a new perspective to their lessons, and that it is extremely valuable for me to try and see things from their perspective. This is especially important in singing, above all other instruments. In singing, our body is our instrument, and so unlike in piano, or guitar lessons, I cannot show a student exactly how to hold and use their instrument. I must find another way to explain how the anatomy of our voice works, and to do that, I must understand how my student understands their own voice.
The same is true in writing. As writers, we must endeavour to understand how our readers view the world we are creating. Although we have the entire universe, and plot in our heads, we must find a way to reveal that universe so that our readers can enjoy it as much as we do!


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