3 Common Myths About Writing

3 Common Myths About Writing by R.S. Mollison-Read

There are an awful lot of opinions out in the writing world, about the best ways to go about it. I’ve discussed some of the best and worst advice I’ve received on the subject here, but there are also three common myths about writing that I wanted to focus on specifically.

#1. Only certain people can do it:
This is such an odd myth, but a very pervasive one. There seems to be this idea that there is some magical creature called a ‘writer’. The myth says that this ‘writer’ has been bestowed the gift of eloquence, and the ability to turn a phrase.
Writing, as with so many other creative pursuits is a craft. Certainly there is some skill and talent involved with many writers, but writing is not a skill you have or don’t have. It is something that requires patience, and time, and absolutely effort, as with the study of music, or dance.

#2.Writing can only happen at certain times:
Another common myth is that writers can only write when they have excellent ideas, and unfortunately there are many writers who allow this myth to hobble their writing process. These writers are the ‘wait for inspiration to strike’ writers. Well, if inspiration decides to take its sweet time, you could be waiting for a considerable period for your brilliant idea to show up. As I’ve discussed in greater detail here, good ideas often beget good ideas. Simply starting is often the best solution.

#3. There’s only one way to do it:
Writing can be an incredibly personal undertaking, which means that there isn’t just one way to go about it. While there are many ‘rules’ bandied about, there are just as many exceptions to those rules. The sheer diversity in the body of writing available to the public demonstrates that there are a myriad of unique ways to write, individual to the person who has done that writing. There isn’t one way to do anything, and writing is no exception.

What are some other common myths about writing? Tell me in the comments below!

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